Jazztastic Lives Up to Its Name

Jazztastic, an event celebrating women in the arts, highlighted the amazing talents of two magnificent jazz singers, Ms. Tish Adams and Ms. Candida Rose.   Organized by AmplifyPOC and hosted by the Cotuit Center of the Arts, the concerts offered two very unique jazz experiences in an intimate theater setting.  Ms. Adams performed her “Another Lady Sings the Blues” program, a tribute to Billie Holiday that is inspired by her rather than an imitation of her.  She was joined by acclaimed pianist Tim Ray who also wowed the crowd with his playing.

Sunday afternoon brought Cape Verdean singer, Candida Rose with a magnificent 4 member Cabo Orchestra (whose full name I sadly did not write down).  Ms. Rose sang in two languages a variety of songs from ballads to “get up and dance” tunes that did bring people to their feet.   It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend and I highly recommend both performers when they again perform locaaly.