Looking ahead: Hosts Needed for Welcome Weekends

Welcome Weekend Basic Information for Hosts    July 12-14     or     August 9-11 

Hosts meet guests at local site (TBA) when they arrive on Friday afternoon (hosts are not responsible for providing transportation from Worcester)

Weekend concludes with a group celebration meal on Sunday afternoon (location TBA)

Hosts provide remaining meals and activities

Some possible group activities will be planned, such as Ranger-led programs at the National Seashore

Guests register in advance with information about:  Names and ages of family members, languages spoken (we ask that at least one family member speak English), food allergies or cultural restrictions, any physical limitations, and swimming ability

Refugee Team provides volunteer partners who are available to assist hosts with weekend activities

An advance orientation for hosts will be provided

Note: Volunteering to host is not a guarantee of receiving a family; this will depend upon number of families coming, and matching families with host space available. 

For more information:

Rod MacDonald                              Ken Campbell

rodmac.ret@gmail.com                   ksbcampbell5050@gmail.com

339-222-8064                                 413-478-5719

Make a Call to Protect Refugees!

Additional Information


Make a Call to Protect Refugees!

The Refugee Support Team of Nauset Interfaith Association invites you to join in a simple action on behalf of refugees. At least 25 million persons worldwide are refugees, forced from their homes and their countries…an unprecedented crisis. The U.S. has historically been a leader in refugee protection and resettlement, and there is  bipartisan agreement that refugees benefit communities where they live. But the administration set a record-low refugee admissions goal for fiscal year 2019, at just 30,000. Worse, we are on track for resettling only 21,000 or less toward that goal. As we approach the halfway point in the fiscal year on March 31, we have a moral responsibility to hold the administration accountable for its goal - and to urge a goal for 2020 of at least 75,000 refugees.

March 27 is a national call-in day - but any day is a good day to call!

Sample script:

“I’m your constituent from [Town]. I am outraged that the administration has set the lowest refugee admissions goal in the history of the resettlement program, at 30,000, and that we are not nearly on track to meet that goal. Welcoming refugees reflects core American values, and their presence has benefited their communities. But we are not doing our part to meet a world refugee crisis. I urge you to do everything in your power to see that, at the very least, the administration meets this year’s admissions goal and commits to resettling at least 75,000 refugees in FY 2020. I also urge you to affirm the legal right of all people to seek asylum, and to ensure that family unity is respected. I support an America that is generous in welcoming refugees and immigrants through fair policies.”

Please contact:

Rep. Bill Keating (Hyannis office)  508-771-0666

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Washington DC office)  202-224-4543

Sen. Edward Markey (Washington DC office)  202-224-2742

Thank you!


Video Resources

4 responsibilities we have to refugees and immigrants, Pope Francis.