Action Team Mission Statements

Martin Luther King Action Team

 The mission of the Martin Luther King Action Team is an interfaith group seeking to educate ourselves and our communities on the lower and outer cape about the reality of institutional, cultural and individual racism.   Our goal is to build a relationship with each other, our local police and other community leadership, as as well community members, through educational programs, cultural events and citizen advocacy towards becoming a more just and peaceful society.  

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Youth Outreach Hospitality


We seek to support youth whoare or are at risk of becoming homeless or who otherwise experience exclusion from the community.   Our goal is to help these young people experience safety, respect and dignity  and the opportunity to make their own choices as contributing members of the community to which they belong.

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Refugee Support Team


The refugee support team representing member congregations of the Nauset Interfaith Association, is called to assist our congregations in responding to the global refugee crisis. We are guided by a sense of our roots in a nation of immigrants and the witness of our faith traditions.

We will partner with Ascentria Care Alliance and the Concordia Lutheran Church of Worcester to provide physical and social support.  We will monitor the political processes in which the refugee crisis is set and engage in education and advocacy.    

At the same time we will be aware of our own need for learning and be open to unplanned moments of awakening action and collaboration.  

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The Nauset Interfaith Association is a volunteer association of clergy and lay leaders of some 20 member congregations on lower and outer Cape Cod. Our purpose is threefold: to deepen our understanding of each faith tradition represented; to provide mutual support and encouragement to each other; and to work together for the common good of our wider community, especially standing with the poor, oppressed and marginalized. 

Contact Information

 Rod MacDonald- Refugee Support Team  774-323-3989, 339-222-8064 (mobile) 

Brooke Eaton-Skea- Youth Outreach Hospitality   774-279-3453 

Wesley Williams- Martin Luther King Action Team 617-388-3770 

Ken Campbell- Convener, Nauset Interfaith Association   (413) 478-5719