Letter From Birmingham Jail Study Group Materials

We have 3 packets that you can download plus links to recordings as you scroll down.

PARTICIPANT material includes historical context material, MLK’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, and “Call for Unity” letter from 8 Alabama Clergyman that precipitated Dr King’s Letter.

The STUDY GROUP LEADER download includes suggestions for organizing and leading a group, and Evaluation Form. Note that a Word Document is available so you can edit your own agenda and questions, as well as a print ready PDF.

We have 2 RESOURCE downloads. Wesley Williams compiled The African American Classics, an annotated bibliography of films, music, books and other material including background, historical and contemporary works on racial justice and civil rights. Tia Cross shares her favorites from her vast collection of racial justice material.

Lastly, we have a link to the recently published Reclaiming Jesus Statement from two dozen contemporary religious leaders, carrying MLK’s vision into our current society.

Context: What was going on in April 1963

This 5 minute video displays what was happening in Birmingham in April 1963, leading to Dr King’s visit to support the garbage collectors, and his subsequent arrest and jail time.

MLK Jr reading Letter from Birmingham Jail

Listen to Dr Martin Luther King Jr reading his response to the 8 Alabama clergymen, written while he was in the Birmingham Jail follwoing his arrest in support of garbage collector’s strike for equal pay and recognition.

“Uncomfortable” by Jodi Heights

Jodi Heights, composer, song writer and performer, presents the dilemna between seeking justice and preserving the status quo.

She sang this at a fundraiser at Church of the Holy Spirit in May 2018.

Where do you stand?

Beto O’Rourke: Non Violent Peaceful Protest is American

Eloquent answer Beto O’Rourke gave on whether Taking the Knee at NFL games is disrespectful.