Music of Memphis

“Beale Street, just south of the main commercial and political thoroughfares of white Memphis,
was at the heart of African American life and culture in the city.  Beale was home to businesses that catered to black Memphians and served as a haven from the often hostile public spaces
elsewhere in the city.  As black Memphians built separate institutions and businesses to serve their communities, many located on or near Beale…  Beale was also the center of black music. Music streamed from clubs and cafes (it still does !!!) and accompanied passerby down the street. A stunning variety of music-jazz bands and combos, jug bands; blues performers, itinerant preachers, gospel singers- played on Beale”.  (quoted from a museum display)

To honor that heritage we spent time enjoying the music on Beale and visited the Museum of Rock & Soul.