MLK Members Participate in DY School District’s Civics Day

MLK Action Team members, Karen Boujoukos and Deborah Ullman were delighted to be part of the DY school district’s eighth grade civics fair.  As judges for the event, they spent the morning chatting with many of the student groups presenting their projects. It was inspiring to hear how seriously so many of the students viewed significant issues facing the Cape, including homelessness, medical care insecurity, substance abuse and more.  Their task had been to select a social issue of importance to them, research the problem including speaking with experts in that field, developing possible solutions and offering their ideas to community leaders who could make a difference on the issue they had selected.

The morning finished with the awarding of numerous awards and an inspiring call to action to her  fellow students by senior and activist Tashuni.  Deb & I both left the high school with hope in our hearts that this upcoming generation of students care so passionately for their fellow Cape Codders and its precious environment.  Well done DY students!