African American Smithsonian, part 2

The lowest three floors, where all of yesterday’s photos came from begin with “Slavery & Freedom 1400-1877”, continue on through 20th century advances and setbacks in “Defending Freedom, Defining Freedom:The Era of Segregation, 1876 – 1968”, and finish with “A Changing America: 1968 and Beyond.”¬† ¬†Leaving those 3 floors, you have the chance to visit the Contemplative Court and take a moment sit with the sound of falling water and reflect on all you’ve seen so far.¬†

The two upper levels of the museum are brimming with the many contributions African Americans have made to our country and culture, in patriotic service, in the arts and literature, on stage and screen, in music and athletics.


We’ll leave this Smithsonian with a final quote I thought particularly relevant to us today: